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Officemovers was established in 1995 and is Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane’s only truly dedicated office relocation company. We are a full service business relocation company, which can encompass everything from providing a couple of movers to relocate a few items around in your office right through to relocation of multi building businesses with hundreds of staff across multiple time zones.

Officemovers conduct relocations locally, interstate and internationally to meet all of your organisations requirements.

officemovers provides a professional, highly personalised and competitive business relocation service.


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  • I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for getting us through the move on Saturday. Patrick and the guys were well organised and had the move over and done with within hours and our belongings were moved with care and consideration.

    Jamie ,

  • Just a quick note to say fantastic job relocating Royal. Well done.

    Peter ,
    Oxygen IT

  • Hi Charlotte Please pass on my thanks to your team who were highly professional and efficient.

    Lisa ,
    International Convention Centre


officemovers conduct the majority of our relocations outside normal business hours so your service to your customers is never interrupted.

officemovers provides a professional, highly personalised and competitive business relocation service based on the guiding philosophy that a successful relocation is one that is completed to above your satisfaction with the least amount of downtime to your business.

We achieve this via the four tenets of a successful office move:


Detailed Planning

Regardless of size a successful relocation comes down to planning

Expert Supervision

A good supervisor will deal with potential problems before they are a problem. You will never know.

Experienced Staff

Critical thinking is at its most effective when people work together regularly.

Cutting Edge Equipment and Traning

The best equipment leads to the best outcomes.

We will supply a dedicated project manager to assist with the Relocation Planning and Management.

The essence of our role is to provide the initiative and impetus to ensure that the critical planning issues relating to the physical relocation are dealt with on a timely basis.

The single biggest risk any company faces in relocating is downtime for employees.

officemovers will look to take the leading role in relation to the planning of the move and will bring a magnitude of experience to the table to ensure that any potential issues are revealed early on.

If the timelines established during the initial planning stages of the move are not met, problems will start to multiply, ultimately resulting in downtime for the staff on day-one of trading. This is the worst possible outcome for the move. To this end officemovers will encourage multiple meetings with all the stakeholders involved in the move process. Internal relocation co-ordinators, IT managers and/or consultants, project managers, team leaders, fit-out consultants, building managers and security companies. Once the move timeline has been established officemovers will put together a Relocation Schedule. Simply this is the path of what happens, when it happens and who is responsible for making it happen.

All officemovers services are performed in accordance with our manual and safe handling guidelines which have been written to conform to Work Cover and Workplace Health & Safety standards and regulations.

As well as the above officemovers believe our clients should not be exposed to unsafe practices. To this end officemovers will look to overburden the safety and risk minimization aspect of the project to ensure that your business is not exposed to or affected by subcontractor unsafe work practices. It is standard practice for officemovers to perform a full site specific risk assessment at both the existing and new locations. Also officemovers will complete full site specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) as part of our project planning. All officemovers staff will sign on to our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before each shift begins. Pre-start

Safety Inspections are carried ahead of shifts starting to insure that all safety equipment both ours and our clients is in good order, fire extinguishers, first aid kits etc, corridors are free of obstruction, crews are wearing appropriate protective clothing for specific project, evacuation points are clearly marked and all staff are aware of their location, materials data sheets are available and current.

Tool Box Talks are conducted on every relocation to ensure open communication on any risk and to ensure appropriate mitigation steps are clearly understood by all staff, no job starts if any of our staff are unclear as to the exact procedure for managing a particular rick. It is officemovers intention and belief that all work can be carried out efficiently and effectively in a safe manor.

officemovers do not endorse the use of unskilled, untrained, under-equipped staff and we believe you as a client deserve the same as a minimum.

We will supply current certificate of currency for Workers Compensation and Public Liability so you have the peace of mind to know that we have full cover in place for both our employees and your premises and plant in the event of an unavoidable accident.

We are a full service business relocation company,

which can encompass everything from providing a couple of movers to relocate some items around in your office right through to relocation of multi building business with hundreds of staff.

  • Systematic packing and unpacking of filing systems, crockery and general filing.

  • Dismantle, relocation and reassembly of all bulk file system shelving and compactus units.

  • Dismantle, relocation and reassembly of all workstation/cubical office seating systems.

  • Dismantle, relocation and reassembly of all desking systems, dealer room desks, call centre desks.

  • Dismantle, relocation and reassembly of boardroom and meeting tables.

  • Full asset disposal from vacated premises, including auctioning off of old furniture, information cleaning and recycling of redundant computer equipment.

All computer equipment will be wrapped and sealed in our unique purpose designed anti-static, anti-dust, waterproof padded vinyl, Velcro sealed computer satchel.

Keyboards, mouse, modem and cables will be placed in the plastic bags to keep together with PC.

Each PC or terminal will be labeled and moved as a unit on our customised IT Trolleys.

We at officemovers understand that “your information, is your company” and your servers and associated equipment are the most important items

officemovers understand that your servers need to be offline for the least amount of time possible.

The whole move hinges on the servers being moved in line with other time zones and locations to ensure no downtime is suffered.

To this end we will assign a dedicated team that will not be involved in the rest of the generic office move.

officemovers only utilize fully trained personnel with an understanding and knowledge of the significance of this task. Each device and component is individually placed and encapsulated in our purpose designed padded vinyl satchels. These satchels are anti-static, anti-dust and waterproof.

officemovers are the only company in our industry using this specially designed technology. At every point during the move your servers remain flat and fully encapsulated on an IT trolley. The trolley and its precious contents are relocated in a fully enclosed van or truck with tailgate lifter and air- ride suspension. Your servers and computer equipment will not travel with the rest of your generic items of furniture.

officemovers can fit trackers and set up full desktop Sat Nav “eyes” so you can see the physical location of all servers during the transport process.

You can also travel with your servers in our vehicles if this is required, as with some of our military contract clients.

Moving Multi Function Devices can be extremely complicated requiring experience and special equipment knowledge.

It can cost a substantial amount of money to replace a MFD not to mention the impact on business from downtime. All technical devices should be handled by experienced relocation experts utilizing the proper equipment and the highest level of care.

officemovers shrink wrap all MFD’s to be relocated, then the unit is wrapped in an anti-static pad wrap.

When stairs are involved our teams come equipped with a specialized (stair climber) trolley for a smooth ride either down or up.

From here the MFD’s are delivered to officemovers trucks that all come fitted with air ride suspension and an electric tailgate. The electric tailgate ensures the unit is not pulled up a ramp leading into the vehicle. This negates the unnecessary tilting and potential for damage or injury due to the weight of these devices.

Once in the vehicle the MFD is left wrapped and secured to the wall with removal ties ready to be transported safely and delivered in the same condition to the nominated delivery point.

The relocation of desktops printers and odd size IT items is an important part of any relocation.

officemovers have designed a specific padded vinyl anti-static, anti-dust satchel that is changeable in size to suit different shapes and contours of printers, envelope machines, laminators, binders etc.


  • Full data centre migration.

  • Disconnection and reconnection of desktops computers.

  • Audit of existing layout and replication at new site (phone on left, mouse on right, hard-drive slung under-desk, under monitor or behind, dual screen with home page on left screen and intra-net on right screen)

  • Arm mounting of monitors in new environment.

  • Amalgamation of new kit into new environment.

  • Power on, log on and testing of all equipment.

  • Full paperwork reporting on each workstations, hand over and escalation reporting to your internal IT team.

  • Helpdesk setup and floorwalkers for both IT issues and general minor relocation works on day one trading.

  • Recycling of redundant IT equipment

Cleaning of hard drives, laptops, servers, but back of non-obsolete IT assets

Full Audi Provided.

  • Full audit of existing assets (furniture)

  • Organising auctioning of unrequired furniture.

  • Organising charity portal for denotations by staff for staff purchase of furniture.

  • Recycle of redundant furniture with Green Star Certification available.

  • Disposal of old furniture should no other option be available.

officemovers conduct all move on the bases that a successful relocation is one that is completed to your satisfaction with the least amount of downtime to your business.

officemovers TIPS !

You will deal with officemovers principals and directors all the way through the process.

Following is a list in the form of an aide-memoir which may address some general planning considerations:


Confirm with Australia Post change of address details, internet home page, advise staff, clients, suppliers, bankers, solicitors, other professional advisers, other offices, associated firms, government departments, local authorities, business names registry. Print change of address cards for clients if required.


Manual of procedures, telecommunications, stationery, registered offices, fire, security, insurances, other services, couriers, signs, staff facilities.


Floor loadings, car parking, access keys, lighting.


Kitchen equipment, utensils, crockery.


Change of use, changes in layout, local and council, district surveyor, fire officer, means of escape, fire certificate, habitation certificate.


Termination or transfer of existing telecommunications, office machines, services.


Wiring, lighting, power points, plant, lighting controls, special power requirements.


Policy, personalized, centralized, remote storage, retention policy, enforcement of retention policy, cabinets, racking, security, fireproofing, referencing, safes, statutory books, ledgers.


Local fire regulations, means of escape, signs, fire officer’s consent, fire doors, sprinklers, fire fighting equipment – provision, location, fire alarms, fire panel, fire certificate, insurance.


Transfer and updating of policies, cover for existing premises until disposal, transit insurance for relocation.

Registered Offices

File at ASIC, display on notice board.

Removal of excess items

Disposal of old files, plant, furniture by auction if required.


Caretaker, night security, keys, insurance.


Cleaning, windows, towel supplies, pot plants, newsagent, refuse disposal, plant maintenance.


External, local authority consent, internal, fire, toilets, room names or numbers.


Design, order, run-down of existing stock.


Facilities for excess items not required at new premises.

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Our passion and devotion has also helped thousands of smaller Australian business along their growth path.

Let us come and run you through our processes and procedures as well as introduce you to some of our past projects similar to your own.

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