Workplace Health and Safety

Office relocations with safety and security guaranteed

At officemovers, we guarantee more than just efficient office relocations and moving services. 

We promise comprehensive workplace health and safety practices as part of every service we offer and every move we carry out.

We’ll ensure you are not exposed

We take responsibility for ensuring that you, and all of our clients, are not exposed to unsafe office relocation practices. Our risk mitigation planning is an integral part of our project execution and ensures that you and your property are handled safely and with care.

Moreover, we ensure clients are neither exposed to or affected by any potential unsafe work practices. 

Skilled, trained and equipped

We do not endorse the use of any staff that are unskilled, untrained, ill-equipped or otherwise unable to ensure the very highest of workplace safety practices.
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Comprehensive insurance coverage

We always supply current certificates of currency. You can rest assured that your premises are fully covered in the event of an accident.
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Tool Box Talks

We conduct “Tool Box Talks” on every office relocation project. These ensure that there is open communication on every job so that risks can be easily identified, mitigation steps followed, and safety procedures adhered to. Our meetings help us to make sure that no job starts until exact safety procedures are clarified and followed.
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100% regulatory compliant

In addition to our uncompromising commitment to internal workplace health and safety policies and procedures, all of our services are provided in accordance with the strictest conformity to standards and regulations of the industry.
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Safety analysis and risk assessment

As part of our standard and routine practice, the officemovers team performs a full risk assessment for each individual project, including both the existing and new locations of your business. 

This assessment forms an essential and foundational part of our project planning and includes complete site-specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

Pre-start safety inspections

Before we get started on your office relocations, all of our staff sign on to our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before each shift begins. 

Next, a pre-start safety inspection is carried out so that the shift can start. This ensures that all safety equipment, including those belonging to us and those belonging to our clients, are in exceptional working order.

Routinely checked as part of our safety inspection includes:

Fire extinguishers

All fire safety equipment is inspected to ensure expiration dates are not exceeded.

First aid kits

All first aid kits are routinely checked to ensure they include necessary items.


All corridors and stairwells are inspected to ensure they are free of obstructions and hazards.

Protective clothing

All crews are equipped with appropriately protective clothing.

Evacuation points

All exits are clearly marked and evacuation plans communicated to all staff.

Material data sheets

All material data sheets are made available and checked for currency and relevance.

To find out more about our workplace health and safety regulations and procedures relating to office relocations, contact us today.