New Desktop Roll Out’s

Internal IT Team support & Coordination

Desktop migration and new desktop rollout’s can be challenging and time consuming, but at Officemovers we understand that a smooth process is critical to ensuring that your business is not impacted by inefficient rollout processes. Many of our clients possess an in-house IT team that are simply too busy to efficiently handle all of the complexities associated with a new migration and rollout, while maintaining required everyday operations. The team at Officemovers can easily construct a support team that works seamlessly with your internal IT resources in order to minimize the disruption to everyday business activity.

Full Desktop Rollout Service

If your business does not have an in-house technical team Officemovers will construct a rollout plan that ensures a seamless rollout in a timely manner. Our expert team handles everything from single terminal implementations, to large multi-user installations, numbering in the thousands, for desktop, laptop, or terminal platforms. Our team can take full ownership of the project and ensure that new and/or existing equipment is installed, tested and commissioned ready for use by your staff as scheduled. Officemovers has diverse experience across many industries, and our technical team has the talent and knowledge base to ensure proficiency, regardless of the unique situation. Of primary concern are the end users and as such considering their priorities during rollout process is key to staffr buy-in and overall project success. Regardless of how many different types of desktop configurations exist as part of your IT environment, we can reproduce each one individually its in new environment. This includes details such as mouse & base unit position and screen configuration for multiple monitor set ups in a trading room relocation or move.

Our desktop rollout services include: